The E3D Tool-Changer

How fitting for the first article on a site named “All the Nozzles” to be about the E3D Tool-Changer and motion system.

E3D, the company famous for their high quality hotends, has decided they didn’t have enough to work on, and as a result has come up with a new multi-head 3D Printer design (it is important to note this is not a complete printer – electronics, hotends, etc are not included).

The product includes an improved motion system which has its roots in CoreXY and features a single plate of aluminum with a moving cross-bar, currently made of carbon fiber to reduce weight but keep stiffness and strength. The Z-axis has a single thick Hiwin rail and single high-quality leadscrew motor screwed directly to the above mentioned aluminum plate.

The star of the show, however, is the tool-changing system where a single XY head mount picks tool heads (up to four) and returns them to storage incredibly quickly. This allows printing with multi-color, multi-material, and even use of non-hotend heads.

E3D made a kinematic coupling system that uses a servo to turn a cam-shaft that locks the head into place with better than 5um accuracy. Unused heads are held in place with a magnetic dock.

Right now this system is expected to cost between £1000 and £2000 ($1350-$2700), however, in more recent videos, Sanjay from E3D has said they hope to get the price down as much as possible. They are taking a quasi crowdfunding approach to this product where they hope to get enough £100 ($135) orders, that buy you a place in the queue, to show them this is worth the time to develop into a real product.

As this system does not come with electronics you will have to purchase a compatible board(s) which, at this time, only include Duet3D. In the future, however, it sounds like there will be options from other electronics manufacturers. At minimum expect to pay $275 for the Duet Wifi and Duex5 Expansion boards. You will also need hotends and extruders for as many tool heads as you want to use, up to four. I have yet to find out if the power supply and heated bed are included so keep that in mind as well when calculating costs.

Do you feel comfortable building a custom printer based off this base system and aren’t scared away by the price? Go to E3D’s Tool-Changer blog entry for in-depth information, fill out the survey, and purchase a place in line here!

I have purchased my place in line and will continue to post updates on this site of my progress building a tool-changer printer once I get a hold of one of these E3D systems.

More information:

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